Why give Turkey or Ham Gift Certificates?

Easy to use turkey gift certificatesOur gift certificates can be redeemed at any grocery store, for any turkey or any ham.   That means your employee can use our certificates where they want, when they want, for what they want.   No kidding.  Purchase the gift certificates either online or by phone, and we will ship them to your employees wherever they are, across the country.  Of course, we can ship them to you instead, and you can get the warm fuzzies that come from giving your employees something they need, something they will use, and something they will appreciate.

Redeem Turkey Certificate just like a Norbest turkey certificate

You choose the dollar amount; your employee chooses the rest.  The gift certificates can be redeemed for any brand of turkey, and type of turkey (organic, whole, breast, frozen, or fresh) at any grocery store.   Also, the recipient is not limited to a certain dollar amount.  If they choose a turkey that is more than the printed gift certificate amount, they need only pay the remaining balance.   If they choose a turkey that is less than the printed amount, there is no problem or penalty.  Can it get any better?  We think so…

Better then a Butterball Check redeem this gift certificate

90% of U.S. households eat turkey on Thanksgiving or on Christmas Day.  This means your gift will actually be used!  Show your employees how much you value them by becoming a part of their holiday tradition.  Still need another reason?  Our gift certificates qualify as a “de minimis” (minimal) fringe benefit, according to the IRS.  This means that the gift certificates are not considered taxable income to the employee.  For more information, click here.